Dhoni should continue till 2019

Vendera Sehwag to his former team MS Dhoni to the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019
Supported in OD team.

Although Dhoni will score 38 runs in the World Cup final next year, he has a
Incredibly successful has succeeded, but they have a relatively fast trusted team in the long run
Has been declared.

His serious victory as a player was led by the glory of the 2011 World Cup in 2011, but last
The captain recently criticized his team by criticizing the recent One-Day series in England.
Did not follow the failed failures.

Yet, there is no indication in India’s management that Dhoni’s place is in danger, in English
In India’s final test on the tour, the tricky century Test century has pressured a degree on Dhoni.

However, Dhoni’s former team, Vienna Sogg thinks Dhoni in the team by the end of the next year’s World Cup.
Will stay He said India TV: “In my personal opinion, MW Dhoni released the 2019 World Cup
Should be kept

“If you still play paint in the forest, they will not be able to pay more than 15-16 acres to the World Cup,
Which is much less than Dhoni, who has played more than 300 overss .Shutting on Dhoni
Want. To the World Cup.

He said, “Any of them who can get sixth on their own will, but when you are about Dhoni
Let’s talk, he has won the only hand for the country. So the paint is the best heir for it. Dhoni
Want. When they hang their shoes, they screw the paint. ”

Dhoni will be able to silence his complaints in the Asia Cup this month, which began on September 15

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