meet Officials

The Emperor Elite Panel of the ICC Premieres and Reforms has incorporated the top umpires in the world and
First introduced in April 2002. Ensuring the most possible standards and neutral decisions
To guarantee, Around the two emperors from the Emperor Elite panel in almost almost all test matches
Empires in the world, while a member of the ICC Imperial Emirates for a fast international match
From the international panel, the house stands with Imperial.
Average, 8-10 toss and 10-15 one day in every member of the Emirates Eaten panel, and any year in the year
There is an event in the ICC World – 75 days as well as travel and preparation time, potential field every year
I work load. Creating the panel reviews every year and is announced on July 1. This election
Employees work for ICC at full-time basis in joint venture with their home boards
Is contracted to.The ICC has all international officials through the appointment of umpire coaches
Supported continuous development, to train on an annual basis, a full-time digital video specialist
To assist in decision-making decisions, and passing through assignment to regular review of Dubai
Are there.

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