England on a top curve

England’s captain captain Joe Root saw a warm summer after which his team was against Pakistan
There was no little satisfaction over winning 4-1 against India.

England already played the fourth match in the South Africa with a MFF Tire ICC Test
The team sealed a well-fought series against the rankings. But, he won Oval, 118 runs
I did not eliminate the intensity – when the final day all the results were possible on the day – Alexander Rick did a best

Root hoped that the team will trust the next results in front of Sri Lanka, and the disappointing season
After the winter, they will continue to improve, which they ranked in the seventh grade.

On Tuesday September 11 after the match, he said “I think we are on a top wicket”. I think
We have seen this improvement in the summer. he replied.

“This winter has to face many different challenges to play these conditions, but this one
Show some progress as team and to appear a bit permanently as a day’s group
It offers a great opportunity. ”

If we can continue with the same behavior and drive and determination, then we get everything right
Got the chance
England has attempted to make a mistake in the dead days in recent days, and in the final test
The win looked as a step towards correcting the unwanted record.

He said “this is too big for the group”. “This is a measure where we are on one side.”
After all, this is something wrong in the past.

“Hopefully, now, we can kick it out … we know where we want to go, very difficult work there
And we are not perfect at all, but if we can continue with the same behavior and drive and commitment. ,
Then we have every chance to get the right to the top. ”


In addition to the result, England had celebrated during an emotional week. Cook got his fairy face
Did James Anderson surprise Gennon McGrass as sheerly with maximum test wickets, and
Root got himself the most expected century after no 15 matches.

“I was a very driver in trying to stay out with the kick as well,” he said.
Knowing that this will be the last chance to do this. “” It was a personal ingredient for me personally … hundred hundred
For, it always felt like ever!

“Finally I got a great deal to achieve this, and on the other end there
To carry with cookie, it has been very special and it’s a day that I have been for a long time.
I want to sleep. ”

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