I do not think of retirement

James Anderson

James Anderson, England’s senior bowler, insists that he is the fastest in the test date.
After becoming a bowling player, there is no immediate retirement plan.

James Anderson, who is included in the 143 Test match for England, is in the most recent test in Oval.
McGrart has already been the fourth highest test with all spinners Murli Muraythana, Shenin and Nail blanket.
Gave the opportunity to become the wicketkeeper.


Now, after getting a historical feature before day, his best friend, Alice Cook, retired, Anderson.
It made it clear that he did not just see Retirement, and said that he needed the fitness of the highest quality
It was able to maintain because the long-term intervals between it since their assignment to their country
Small game formats do not run.

“I really do not think about it – when I think before that, then I try my best
I do, the next game, the next series – whatever it is, “Underwood, who is on the MNF Tire ICC player.
Number is on For balls.


It is very surprising that after having a hacker five matches, Anderson prepares for his next assignment
Had previously wanted to enjoy – a Test series in Sri Lanka in November.

We have got a wonderful break against Sri Lanka and I have to deal with the bowling seam supporters in Sri Lanka.
For potentially decent attempts.

The second most restricted English player behind Cook (161), the possibility of announcing retirement suddenly
Did not reject

“I have read something that Glen McGrass said – he intended to retirement in Ashes in 2006 and
Then he went to the end, he thought it was over.

“It can be with me, who knows? I do not like to go away. I do not think it’s me
Surely I or the team help. ”

“I am in this stage, I do not play a fast cricket, so I think the test
Between the series I have a great time and I will be able to get myself in a good physical form. ”

“We have come up with the number of questions in this five test series whether the balls will be received.”
Have got more than two balls for two – they will need rest and they will be injured. And we
what’s this.

"We pride ourselves by working hard and we have the opportunity to stay away from this period;
I do not run white ball cricket. So we have the ability to get ourselves in the right frame of mind.
Whatever physical condition is able to cope with us before. "

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