History Part 3

21st century cricket

21st century cricket
India and Pakistan competing in the first ICC WT20 2007

India and Pakistan who compete first in the ICC WT20 2007.The 21st Century has seen the fastest changes in the history of the game, the new form of the game.There is no greater than creativity, which has the lowest version that is expected to take three to Twenty20 cricket for three hours.The Twenty20 cricket advent was played in England in the first Test in England in 2003,Great innovation in the game. Free-degree batsmen with big weapons and strokesThe competition was played through 360 degrees,Balls start a huge variety of different transfers And the fielding standards grew rapidly. In 2004, the first women’s Twenty20 International was played And next year men’s Twenty20 International adopted the game as the third official formSeen in shape

In September 2007, in the first match of Pakistan, ICC World Twenty20 was played in Johannesburg,
Almost 400 million worldwide televised TV viewers. This year the Indian Premier League
Was the authority to create Modern in the 21st Century, with more start-up leagues around the world
Cricketers are competing for a tour of the year. The new century in 2001, the ICC "Testing Championship Table"
Introduced The following year "The International Championship Table" was introduced this year. ICC
With three test formats in all of these games with test testing leaders holding Test Championship
MMF Tire is the ICC team rankings, which is now ready.
Women's Cricket has developed significantly
Women's cricket has developed significantly
The ICC also expanded its development program, in which various national teams compete in different forms
To make the goal of being successful. In 2004, the ICC Intercontinental Cup made the first class cricket 12
For the first time, for the first time for the first time, in the World Cricket League's composition, many new countries brought competitive limited over cricket,
And there were memorable achievements for some Associate countries globally. Kenya, Ireland, Afghanistan and
Production of all the famous achievements in the ICC Global event with the Netherlands.
Afghanistan and Ireland consistently performed both of them and received rewards on both the arena
As a whole member, in June 2017, the major development of their countries and their status as a member
Increased growth resulted in more than 12 people. Twenty-five were also introduced in limited cricket
,Including introduction to limited overs cricket, in which dramas have affected field restrictions,
Ground for two wins international two balls and the batsmen in Twenty20 cricket too
Using Use a specially prepared pink ball between Australia and New Zealand
Adelaide Oval played a big role in Test match cricket.
Associate nation success in 21st Century
Associate's success in 21st century
There are also many recent technological evolution in this game, such as hair tracking, asthopes and vivid colors
To correct decision-making, see the red camera and edge detection technology
Can be used whether the bat hit the ball and the deck. Extraordinary in limited overs matches
The weather is used to calculate the goals and the results.
In 2008, a new referral system, in which players can refer to some field decisions of the third umpire.
Allowed, he started internationally in a series between India and Sri Lanka. He officially
Prepared to be a decision-making system.

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