History Part 2

20th Century Cricket

20th Century Cricket
The Indian cricket team in the 1930s

Indian cricket team in 1930
When the Imperial Cricket Conference (such as the ICC originally said) was set up in 1909, only
England, Australia and South Africa. However, West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1930) and
India (1932) became the examination soon after World War II and Pakistan (1952). In these countries
The popularity was up, with which the West Indies slowly with the arrival of Test cricket and domestic tournaments
Created on the island’s first class competition, it became more formal. New Zealand’s own plot
Shield continued, which resumed India in 1906. Ranjee Trophy and Pakistan in 1934, 1953
I demonstrated the Qaida leader.
Women’s cricket also made their first major international initiatives in the early 20th century and in 1934
The first Test match was played between England and Australia. International Women’s Cricket Council in 1958
The foundation (subsequently in 2005 with the ICC in 2005) developed more women’s games and it was in 1973.
The first cricket world cup of any kind was started. Women’s World Cup hosted by England With the captain of
the opening cup with Rachel Halla. After the plant boom, slow motion
And the number of runs featured the 1950s,And its defense. The In response, England’s teams in one of the
innings in one and every innings
With just one run, only one run started the game. Limit over cricket popularity increased and in 1969
A national league was born, resulting in the counting of the county in the county championship.

First Women's International

First women’s international
South African cricket board nominated international players to make teams and tour South Africa
“Fundamental Trips” started funding. In the 1970s, South Africa uncertainly with the international cricket
competition Suspended. The rebels went on in the 1980s but when it became clear that in 1991 South Africa
welcomed South Africa to return to South Africa, then after that.He was soon returned against West Indies.
In Barbados in April.
More than the first limited international match was held in Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1971, followed by a time
After filling, a test match was abandoned due to heavy rain in the opening days. International Cricket
Conference (after that) in England by organizing England’s first men’s cricket world cup
Which included all Test-match countries and West Indies won the final in the final.
In 1977, Carry Packer took out some of the best players outside the international cricket squad
Title league World Serial Cricket acquired some of the banned South African players and the
Allow players to showcase their capabilities in the international field against athletes globally. Just
give it the year continued, but the result of the long-term results of the World Series significantly played
high players Includes introduction of episodes such as salary and colorful cuts and night sports. It was
not too long for them. Many new international cricket has crossed.

South Africa return to international cricket
South Africa return to international cricket
It was the success of the World Cup opening success, it was decided to become a regular part of the calendar.
In which England and England were held in England with more Cricket World Cups, from it
The tournament was moved to India and Pakistan in 1987. Red Ball with the last event white dress
Will be played using The 1992 World Cup Cricket flood light, colorful clothing and a new era
Used white hair
In 1992, for the first time in the Test series between South Africa and India, run with television venues
The third umpire was used to decide the out-of-appeals appeal. Following the third umpire's duties
I have expanded to include decisions on extensions, caching and other aspects of the borders. Ben
The international game has continued to grow with many ICC Associates and multilingual members in which
Domestic competitions and then international scene increased.And in the closing years of the 20th century, 
in Tests became the nation of all three countries: Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992) and Bangladesh (2000).

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