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Outstart the form before the final Test against India, Austist Cook, ranked 10th in Test cricket
To score his career, 71 and 147 runs.

Cook, who made 12,472 runs in 161 matches, made the fifth most artificial runs in the test history.
– Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Jack Nail and Behind Rahul Dravid – MTF Tire ICC
The latest 11 runs for the Batsman ranked in the test player.

He then scored the following scores following the first four Tests 13, 0, 21, 2, 17, 17, and 12.
Was it.

It was a memorable swingong for the kick, which scored 218 runs in the England 118-wicket win. He
The innings also made the innings, and he scored a century in his first and West Indies score

In the five Test Test series only eight hundred, four centuries came to the final innings in second innings,
Which along with the tons of Root (125), LL Rawl (149) and Rushab Paint (114).

Root got an opportunity to move Kohli as well as a wonderful series with Duck
Finished, the number nine was the batsmen. Rahul reached 16 numbers to No. 1, while paint made his third
Tests played, took 63 points to 285 points with number up to No. 11.

At this time, at the balls, and there was not so much James Anderson at the top.
In his match, his five wickets were released in No. 1.

Anderson, who scored 563 test wickets to become the highest volume test wicket among the fastest batsmen.
Glenn became target of McGrat, reaching 899 points till the end of the series. This is their total time from 903
Is more, and more than 17 Cigus Riabda of South Africa.

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