Type Of Cricket


At the international level, Test cricket, One Day International and Twenty20 internationally form three formats
are present. This match is played under the rules and regulations approved by the International Cricket Council,
Which also provides match officials for them.

Test is a traditional form of cricket game, which has been played since 1877 and is now in a five-day format.
I include two of the innings. It is considered as a wing because it has tested teams for a long time
Is. Exercise in various situations, technology and temperament to do teams in this form well

The ICC Test match rating leader in the MRF Tyre ($ 1 million every year) is $ 1 million
The cash prize is made, the next three teams include cash rewards in rating.

The One Day International, which is also known as ODI, is a generation form that began in 1971
But since the 1980s the popularity was achieved. This is another innings that matches feed 50 overss,
In which a combination of teams, speed and skill have to be done well. ICC Wings event, ICC
Cricket World Cup, every four years is played in this format.

The ICC won eight ranked teams for the Champions Trophy, the ICC Women’s World Cup every four years and the next
Under the 19 Cricket World Cup, in more than 50 formats, it has developed more recently in two years.


The Twenty20 Internationals is the latest and fastest ever-finest form of the game. 20 o’clock per side
In the form of new viewers in 2005, he also admired new skills and innovation. A twenty20
The international match is usually competed in three hours, with great hunting, skilled bowling
And with amazing fielding it is very popular with fans worldwide.

The ICC World Twenty20 is a 20-star International T20 tournament which started in 2007 and then
I have hosted more than five times. Then ICC women compared to men’s events in 2009
The World Twenty20 was an adventure. However, the next edition will be played in the Caribbean in 2018, this
For the first time there will be an excellent event.

So far, 12th ICC members are a test test, which means that they are Junior 2017
After joining Afghanistan and Ireland, they enjoyed the status of ADI and T20I
Do it too The ICC World Testing Championship will be present in the competition for two nine years cycle
Top nine teams participating in. At the end of the cycle two teams at the ICC World Test
The final will take part in the championship final.

There is an status of ADI in another four countries, which means 16 ICC status as AIDI
Are members of

In addition, all 104 member states have been given T20I status- for women, on July 1, 2018,
For men, it will be effective from January 1, 2019.

The teams were ranked on the respective MRF Tire ICC team rankings in three different formats of cricket.


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