10th Position

cook are signing up to ten points

England's opener Cook scored 71 and 147 in his last Test match. After that the Batsmen
Take part in the top 10 rating for. Virat Kohli ended the series as the world's most advanced batsman
England's opener Alizer Cook has signed a remarkable note with the International Cricket, who has declared 
Oval.In the final test against India, the MF Tires for the Test Batsman after the Player of Match match.
The ICC Player has been forwarded to the top 10 of the rankings.

Left scored 71 and 147 runs and made them only the fifth person who had his first and last
Helped one century in Test matches and with 118 runs to win 4-1 in five matches.
The . This memorable performance took 33-year-old 11 positions in the latest rating from 10, which is Wednesday
Early in the morning

Cook received advanced career rankings in September 2011 when he was in the adendist
Test against India was 294 runs. This was the same year when Kick won the ICC Test in the honor of the year


Former England batsmen after England's former batman Willie Hammond (fifth) and Jeff Bicot (8th)
For the retired, England's former captain captain performed well. However, they have any
In the form of a series of more runs, it has got a high position than Batsman. Jacques Kallis
His shoes were hanged in the 12th position, both Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid have their career in 18 
overs and
Ricky Ponting ends in the 26th position.
In addition to winning the ICC Test Cricketer Year of 2011 in 2012, 2015, 2015, 2015 and 2016 in 2011
Cook (as captain) was nominated for the year's ICC Test team. He in 2012
During the year of the ICCO VD team, in the year of June, he was in A.
Get the best position of your career in the ID. Indian captain Virat Kohli on his last visit
The innings have failed, but they have ended as a batsman at the top of the world.
He started 27 points behind Australia's Steve Smith and one before his close opponent
Point started. Kohli first came to the top of the world after Eddy Gas test and then the training
Replaced the top spot after the bridge test. He now has two Test Home series against West Indies
Defend a number of levels, which starts on October 4.The captain of the second innings
I made 125 runs, after getting England ranked in a second rank, one place on four squares
Moving Jose Butler (23th in nine places) and Maine Ali (up to 43 places up to 43 places).

India’s folk way Rawol and Rishab paint have gained great success in the latest rating update.
Rawalp has got 16 position after 149 runs and the paint only 114 runs in his third Test match.
Made 63 places in the 111th position.

In the first innings, Ravindra Jade has made an unbeaten 86 runs, he has helped to get 12 places.
In which 58 runs have been made, it has also taken place in the second round of the All-round list.

England’s fast bowler James Anderson in the ICC player ranks for MBF Tests Test Testers
Started and recorded a number in the series. After the Lord’s Test, Anderson career’s highest 903 points
Reached. Anderson started series with 892 points and just one of the 900-point breaks
Point Sharma ends.

After the second wicket, Ben Sutter (one place to 27th) after the ODI test, Adil Rashid (six places to 44 six places)
And well-known (up to 4 places at 51 places).

Meanwhile, England got the fourth position in the MRF Tire ICC Test Team Ranking. He's new
There are eight points to reach 105 points from the land and behind South Africa and Australia
There are only one viewpoint, which are on point discharging points with both points with 106 points.

India remains at the top of the shape, but in consequence they lose 10 points and 115
Reach points

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