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Pakistan Emperor Alim Dar has announced that he will make $ 10,000 for the Dam Foundation Foundation.

“I decided to contribute $ 10,000 for the Dreams Fund initiative,” he said in a video message
Darwin is among the umpires of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Elite Panel and its three formats
300 international matches have been discriminated
Dar also appreciated the efforts made by the concerned officials in this regard: “I am the Chief Justice of Pakistan.
[Mian Saqib Nisar] and the efforts to build the dams of Pakistan government. “He
Added: “This aspect serve us as a great benefit to our future generations and our future
“I will request people in Pakistan and those who live abroad will go ahead and do this
Due to the proud reasons to fund. “During this time Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaisar, Deputy Speaker NA Qasim Khan
Syria and Governor Sindh Imran Ismail pledges a monthly salary in Federal Prime Minister Imran khan Dam Fund
What was it Conscious to take part in encouraging the nation’s “construction campaign”
Encouraged. “” The nation will have to take measures to store water, because it is a great divine
Blessing and human need, which is worth it. “Lightweight on water shortage, Syria emphasizes construction of pressure
Given. Chief Justice Nisar donated 1 million rupees for two dams and tried this initiative and all
Ask for institutions and people to play their role in building the dams in the country.The Supreme Court
has instructed authorities to start construction of two dams immediately and implement these projects
Appealing to the people, including foreign Pakistaniis to help. A few days later, the Prime Minister
Imran Khan appealed to Pakistanis abroad, especially Pakistanis, to build new dams
I proudly. In a brief record in the country, Prime Minister Imran’s country’s crisis
The series, which has to face the country, is the biggest challenge. He warned that if seven years old
If the water reservoirs are not made within the country, the country will face dry conditions.


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